Restoring Chairs

Think an old family heirloom or piece of treasured furniture is too far gone for repair?
…. Think again.

Look at this antique chair before and after getting the full restoration treatment in our Wembley based workshop.

The best part about restoring an antique piece like this with us is that you get to choose how it is restored, if you would prefer to use ply seat and backing or replace it with something more comfortable such as this traditional green leather with the woven seat base to provide additional comfort, it is entirely up to you. We can make recommendations on what will suit the piece in keeping with the era and style of the furniture but at the end of the day we want to restore your item so that you will be happy to use it. The options are endless!

This set of riempie dining chairs pictured below had some visible metal plating holding the back seat joins in place which the client was not happy with, as well as some later repair work that had been added on which stood out like a sore thumb. We removed the brackets, improved the structural integrity of the join, (as you can see there wasn’t much to it), held everything in place with some inset flathead screws and gave the chair an all over wax for a nice clean finish before finally replacing the riempie seats. For those wondering, Riempie is a method of rawhide material weaving used in a lot of South African furniture, specifically for seating. it has a little flexibility providing comfort, more-so than standard wooden chair seats, and can last just as well as upholstered seating. If you have Riempie seating that you’d like repaired please send us an email with some pictures of the piece and we can provide an approximate quote via email.


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