Our Work

Antiques Restoration Centre offers a convenient one stop service for furniture restoration. Our in-house services, along with our network of specialists, allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive restoration services.

For any major works with refinishing, clients have control over the process and are involved in discussion and decisions regarding finish colours.  Antiques Restoration Centre are happy to finish sample areas before proceeding with a finish. Furniture only leaves our workshop once clients are satisfied with the results, and all Antiques Restoration Centre work is guaranteed.

Restoring Wooden Furniture 
  • Cabinet making – including reconstruction of damaged sections
  • Veneer repairs – blisters, splits and shrinkage
  • Removing ring marks from surfaces
  • Repairing carved mouldings
  • Re-Canning (pre woven only)
  • Upholstery frame repairs
Restoring Finishes
  • French Polish
  • Antique and modern lacquer finishes
  • Oiled finishes
  • Wax finishes
  • Gilt finishes
  • Paint Finishes
Other Services Offered
  • Iron & brass bed re-sizing
  • Reproductions to match the items you already have


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Phone Number

0417 976 831